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(last updated 19th October 2019 )

Peter Pallett retired at the end of 2016 from being the recognised course provider in the United Kingdom on temporary works in construction, He will maintain his consultancy company Pallett TemporaryWorks Limited until the end of 2019. He still carries PI and is regularly consulted as an Expert Witness in litigation and Opinion Reports in his field of "Above Ground Temporary Works." - see Consultancy.

Temporary Works Training
To aid your selection of WHICH COURSE, the Temporary Works Forum prepared, at Peter's initiative, an information sheet (TW16.005) which lists the courses available, a short description and an extremely useful Selection Aid reproduced below:-
Training Selection Aid
(Click on the diagram above for a quality *pdf file of Selection Aid.)

Temporary Works Trainers
A question often asked of Peter Pallett is "Well, who would you recommend?" Regrettably there are now very few trainers with the experience and technical knowledge to present valued temporary works training.

If you are looking for one of the CITB courses, such as the TWCTC, TWSTC or TGATC then the only organisation that Peter Pallett worked for as a trusted "ssp" provider was CTS:Coordinated Training Services Ltd running both public and very competent in-house courses.

The only two temporary works trainers that Peter would recommend are::-

  • Ray Filip of RKF Consult Ltd and
  • Anita Ballard email to anita.ballard@btinternet.com