What do you want to see while in Bali? The choice is yours.

Orchids. The Orchid garden near Sanur is a haven of beauty. Set up by a recognised collector, this large collection of naturally growing orchids, large and small, and some so minute they have to be pointed out to be seen. Allow two to three hours and have plenty of film, or memory stick, available.


Butterflies and moths. The Butterfly farm to the North East of Denpasar houses many rare and exotic butterflies, mostly allowed to fly free. They have a closed off area where you can see the new chrysallis forming, and because they are collecting all the time, you will probably be able to actually hold large moths and butterflies that have emerged only a few hours previously. The picture on the right shows a very young moth with 10" wing span sitting on Jumena's arm.

Mangrove Swamp The 1.2 km raised walkway at the Mangrove Visitor Centre near Benoa is a very good excursion to see Mangroves, frogs, thousands of crabs etc.. You walk on well constructed timber platforms into nature itself.

Dancing and music. Whether it be the exquisite Legong dancing, or the fiery Kecak dance, Jumena can take you. If it is music you want, then the melodious sounds of the Gamelon groups are found in many parts of the island.Jegog

But for the very large sounds, choose Jegog shown on the left, where the musicians sit on top of the big bamboo pipes. The sound and rhythm is unbelievable. Nearly all the Jegog Orchestras are from the region of Negara and each village has its own group of twenty players. Jumena will even arrange to take you to the annual Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar to see the finals where TWO Jegog groups play - the finalé being both groups playing together to out play the other group. The winner is the group still in tune at the end!

Jumena knows most of the "tourist" tours, and can also take you to those "off the beaten track.! So for your English speaking tailor-made tour, choose Jumena Komang.
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