Batuan Gate

There are tens of thousands of temples in Bali. They are the island's own brand of Hinduism. Many are deserted, but on the day of their anniversary festival, on the 210 day wuku calendar, they come alive with colourful decorations, women bearing gifts and ceremonies. Each village will have at least three temples. The famous tourist sites are the regional or island-wide temples. These will include the "Mother Temple" of Besakih, high on the slopes of Mt. Agung, as well as Gua Lawah, Ulu Watu, Batukau and Ulun Danu (Batur). The lesser temples called pura dang kahyangan are asociated with legendary priests who brought Hinduism to Bali from Java ; including the tourist favourite for sunsets,see below, the temple Pura Tanah Lot

Jumena and his family were brought up in traditional villages. Although now living near the city of Denpasar, they continue the traditional practices and often return to their own villages for family ceremonies. That is why Jumena is so understanding about the temples, and he can answer your questions. "Why do the entrance gates have flat inside faces?" (See the picture on the left of the gate at Batuan Temple) "Because if an evil spirit tries to enter, they will be squashed!

Ganung Kawi

The picture on the right is of the impressive funerary temples cut into the rock at Gunung Kawi. Dating from the 11C these incredible structures are deep inside a valley. (Lots of steps to walk down, then back up!)

For your own English speaking guide, Jumena will introduce you to temples and ceremonies on Bali. He can even take you to either a Catholic Balinese-style church or Protestant churches at Palasari, situated at the extreme West of the island.

Sunset at Tanah LotQuote "When Jumena took us to the temple at Tanah Lot and to view the sunset, there were thousands of people. He carefully took us down to the beach and made us walk away from the crowds. "Please will you stand on this piece of sand" he instructed. We stood alone, away from the crowds. When the sun set, it passed in a line just behind the temple ,we were standing on exactly the correct spot, within one/two metres! " He knew the spot - the picture confirms it.

That's why Jumena Komang is not just any Bali Guide; he has the knowledge and the experience.

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