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BeamPal 2

About Peter Pallett

BeamPal 2 Analysis Software

BeamPal 2 is NOW AVAILABLE either to upgrade your existing BeamPal or as a new installation. It is a computer analysis program developed for use in design of beams used in the temporary works of formwork, falsework and scaffolding.
(It can, of course, be used for the analysis of loads on ANY continuous member.)

Why update to Version 2?

Somereasons are:-
(a) Allows the user to print their own LOGO on the A4 printed output;
(b) Brings up-to-date the section properties that are now used in temporary works, and has 49 pre-defined sections;
(c) Self-weight now considered as a separate load. It may or may not be included in the analysis depending on the beam orientation;
(d) Now suitable for either 'Limit State' or 'Permissible Stress' analysis. A facility allows the partial safety factor for self-weight to be entered;
(e) New navigation buttons on the toolbars provide for quick, accurate operation of the program:
(f) Manual CoverThe extensive HELP facility is updated, with quick hyperlinks, and is available independantly to the program, either from a *.pdf file, or from the web;

For a flavour of the new web Help File click on the picture on the right.

The authors have listened to your comments and have written specifically with engineers, technicians, foremen, managers and supervisors in mind, the simple operating procedure makes complex calculations of deflections, moments and shear forces for varying loading patterns on a continuous beam seem easy. Included are point and drag facilities for loads and supports.

Three modes of print-out can be selected to suit your calculation requirements; each type can be customised with your own name(s) and, if required, your company LOGO. Click here to see a sample Mode One : A4 output page.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of this program, compared to other similar commercial programs, is BeamPal's ability to cater for the experienced regular user, and for the very occasional user - with built-in prompts covering most eventualities - but if your memory needs jogging, one of the most impressive on-screen help facilities ever written is included; the "help files" look surprisingly like college lecture notes, explaining in detail what you might have forgotten! If all else fails, an introductory step by step tutorial is included.

A typical example of a deflection analysis on-screen view is:-

Sample BeamPal Output

To see an example of the A4 printed output in Mode One : Click Here.

BeamPal 2 is supplied by post as a single user application on a CD Disk, either for UPGRADE or for full SET-UP.

For more detailed information, and to order, click on the relevant icon below:

Technical Specification Order BeamPal System Requirements

e-mail: enquiries@temporaryworks.info

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